• Empowering patients to transform healthcare

    Augmenting The Human Touch through Patient-Centered Technology

  • What We Do

    Consulting and Development Services in Mobile Digital Health and Fitness

    Transforming the Future of Healthcare in Vietnam

    Kyzen Advisors

    We are providing advisory and consulting services for the modernization of hospitals and for the development of a new hospital and healthcare infrastructure within a major future modern metropolitan area in Vietnam.

    Fostering Behavior Change in Overweight Teens

    Private Customer

    Our customer, a health care start-up founded by a leading expert in nutrition and behavioral health, wanted a mobile app in the hands of overweight teens to improve awareness and ability to acquire healthier lifestyles... 

    Personal Security for Teens

    Private customer

    We designed and developed an innovative, cloud-based mobile alert and tracking solution to enable parents to better protect their young adult children when they find themselves in dangerous situations.

    Remote Monitoring System

    uncleCare, Inc.

    We designed and developed a comprehensive HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform in support for uncleCare's flagship product, Heartizi Home Care Guide, a patient engagement and remote monitoring solution for chronic heart conditions.

    All-inclusive Care for the Elderly

    WeCare Project

    With a growing network of like-minded partners, we are exploring and developing solutions to provide a full-stack solution to enable senior citizens to enjoy life in their own homes despite certain medical conditions that threaten to limit their autonomy.

  • Our vision

    We believe in empowering patients and providers across the world

    through technology and the internet

    to transform their health care experience into a productive partnership.

    Our History

    Commitment to Serve and Solve Customer Problems

    Founded in 1996 in the center of Silicon Valley, PaceWorks is a privately-held consulting and holding company offering a range of services and products leveraging innovative software technologies and methodologies designed to help businesses and organizations worldwide solve complex problems with simple, easy-to-deploy user-centered solutions.

    Aligning Interests

    in Health Care

    Once upon a time in rural China, villagers would pay a subscription to their doctors, but when they fall sick, they would stop paying any subscription until they are well again. It made sense, since sick patients could not work and make money. It also ensured patients' and doctors' interests were perfectly aligned. How can such a model become an ideal that could be achieved in the US? That's what is keeping us up at night...

    Patient Engagement Expertise

    Patient-Centered Design

    Our leadership team has multiple decades of experience developing user-centered applications on personal computers, websites and mobile applications. This gives us the unique ability to design and develop complex patient-facing mobile applications that are yet simple to use on a daily basis and enjoy great sustained patient satisfaction.

    Experienced Development Team Locally and Offshore

    Silicon Valley, CA - HoChiMinh City, Vietnam

    Our team has deep and practical experience in a wide variety of internet and mobile technologies, and has successfully developed a large number of high quality world-class applications on time and at very competitive prices.

    Strategic Partnerships

    To Solve Social Challenges and Transform Healthcare Wolrdwide

    We actively support those teams with strategic thinking and access to transformative resources to enable change in health care.

    We are proud to be part of the Startup Health Global Army of Health Transformers.

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    January 10, 2017 · Digital Health,Childrens Hospital,Vietnam
    “It would take a million-bed hospital to respond to the demand,” I found myself, with tongue in cheek, telling Dr. Hùng, the dynamic and affable director of the Children’s Hospital 1, as I saw hundreds of people in a waiting room overflowing into the courtyard. I felt from the sparkle in his...
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